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Employee Engagement = Profitability! Implement the TGS Transformation System to increase employee engagement and company results. And, use the HR Power Centre and HR Hot line for effective day-to-day people management

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The Employee Engagement Certification Course will equip your managers and supervisors to implement the key drivers of Employee Engagement using the direction and tools in the HR Power Centre.


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Getting to Really Know the Person You are Hiring – Before you Hire!

By: Ron Guest, Co-Founder, TwoGreySuits TwoGreySuits Tip – take considerable time to plan out what behaviors you want/know will fit before you interview. Take as much as 2-3 hours to really think this out, ask… View Article

September 13, 2016

Getting the “FIT” Right When Hiring

TwoGreySuits TIP:  Understand from an interview what types of company cultures the person has worked in and what they value in a company culture going forward. The old adage ‘hired for skills and fired for… View Article

July 12, 2016

Four MUST-DO’s When Hiring

If you want to find a warm body to fill the job – you are not alone – that is what the result is with many companies who are not skilled in recruitment. Hiring people… View Article

November 23, 2015

Romance in the Workplace

Here’s an actual situation – “My co-worker/boyfriend and I worked together for more than 1 year at the same organization. I have been there longer than he has and we started out as friends for… View Article

February 12, 2015

The Dangers of Social Networking

Few businesses or organizations are immune to the power of today’s social networking sites and tools. Reaching out to employees, customers and clients can also be a powerful way to build relationships that promote your… View Article

December 18, 2014


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