Complete HR Policy Guide

Your HR Policy Guide is ready to download and implement. All you have to do is:

  • Review the contents and add/delete/customize any policies that are not appropriate for your business  (VERY time consuming)
  • Review the ‘Additional Policies by Category’ section and add any policies you need
  • Customize the HR Policy Guide by inserting your company name and other Company specific information in all bracketed areas
  • Update the Table of Contents
  • Create a customized cover for your HR Policy Guide

Ok –  frankly, not quite as easy as the 5 bullet points above! HR Consultants will generally charge between $6500 and $8000 to work with you developing your own HR Policy Guide, if you don’t have one. (We know because we have done it) HR Consultants can provide valuable insight in to what other companies do and specific language which can suit your Company’s culture, they are also up to date on current legislation. For more info email

TwoGreySuits SPECIAL TIP: If you want to save all or most of this expense and do it yourself, here’s how to do it using the information in this module:

  • Select a policy review team and a leader (usually 2-3 Managers/HR staff if applicable)
  • As a team, review the ‘Complete HR Guide Table of Contents’ and select policies by title you want in your Company
  • Review ‘Additional Policies by Category’ and select those policies by title you want
  • Discuss current or required policies (by title only at this point) you want which are not already listed by title, list these
  • Cut and paste these policy titles and policy wording into one document, photo copy and put in a 3 ring binder
  • Ask each review team member to read the first 10 pages of this document in hard copy and markup changes they would like, and document questions they have
  • Meet as a review team and go page by page discussing everyone’s comments they had written down when they reviewed themselves
  • Decide on proper intent/wording to make the policy relevant for your Company
  • Repeat this 10 pages at a time until complete (suggest a 3 hour meeting every two weeks)
  • Put final draft together with Table of Contents, print hard copy in a 3 ring binder
  • Distribute to senior managers for their review and comments
  • Review team and senior managers meet to discuss and finalize (suggest again a 3 hour meeting every two weeks)
  • (Optional) this is where you may want to have an HR Consultant review for you, but the ‘heavy lifting’ has been done
  • Finalize, print or locate on a private drive accessible only to employees (some companies may want to share first (for feedback) with an employee group)
  • Announce the HR Policy Guide is complete and where employees can find it
  • Conduct employee meetings to explain key policies