Administration FAQ


Do I really need HR policies in my small company?

The answer is yes. Employees want to feel that they are being treated in a consistent manner. Without policies, mistrust and favoritism can develop, which sometimes results in good employees leaving the organization. In other cases, small business owners may find themselves being sued or challenged by government agencies responsible for enforcing applicable legislation. The “Developing an HR Policy Guide” module of the TGS Employee Engagement Certification Course is a must for managers and supervisors dealing with this important topic.

How do I know what policies I need?

There are certain policies that must be included, for example, those that deal with legislative requirements. The best approach is to review all the policies contained in the Administration module (not just the HR Policy Guide) and following the simple guidelines, create a Human Resources Policy Manual that addresses all areas requiring HR policy in your company. Also use the training course  (click” My Courses” on the home page) which addresses in detail how to create your own HR policy manual.

What policies are a must from a legal point of view?

All businesses should have a policy on Health and Safety, Harassment, Privacy & Confidentiality, Employment Equity (Canada) or Equal Opportunity Employment (USA) and Drug and Alcohol Use. Of course there are many other important policies, but these are the ones that you should have to meet legal liability requirements.

How do I get these reviewed, finalized and implemented in my company?

Sign up for the TGS Employee Engagement Certification Course. Everything you need is there and the Administration module of the HR Power Centre will provide the tools and direction for implementation.

How often should I review my HR policies?

We recommend that you keep a record of policy changes that occur during the normal course of business and at least every 24 months do a thorough review of your policy manual to see if the policies still reflect the needs of the business. Additionally, as a subscriber to TwoGreySuits, you will be provided updated policies as legislation changes or new more relevant policies become required in business.

What are the pros and cons of having or not having HR policies?

Simply put, it is significantly easier to manage the people side of a business if there are people guidelines and HR policies in place. With policies in place, it is no longer necessary to make ad hoc decisions that usually result in people being treated unequally. It has been our experience that, for reasons we don’t really understand, small businesses view this as more complicated than it is. TwoGreySuits has done all the work for you. All you have to do is select the policies, print and communicate!

How do I know the policies listed on the TwoGreySuits site are contemporary and current?

With our collective 65 years of experience, the daily feedback we get from subscribers, and our knowledge in this area, we know we are up to date with all the most current HR policies.

How will I know when I should change my policies as a result of changes in employment legislation?

We suggest you ask your company lawyer to keep you advised of changes in federal as well as your local state, provincial or municipal legislation. This way you will know you are up to date for the geographic area in which you operate your business. TwoGreySuits will keep the more generic people policies up to date with what is prevalent and current in the business marketplace.

How do I present the new policies so that my employees understand them and abide by them?

We suggest employee group meetings of up to 12 employees. You can do a summary policy presentation on a PowerPoint slide presentation or, alternatively, you can have the open HR policy manual in front of you, and leaf through each page hi-lighting the main points important for employees to know. Quite a few small businesses then place the HR policies on an internal shared drive, as a ‘read only’ document, for easy access for all employees.