People Management Skills

The most significant driver of Employee Engagement is in how people are managed by their direct supervisor or manager. Increasing Employee Engagement can best be accomplished by effectively managing people. This People Management Skills section provides all the skills, tactics and process for anyone to become highly effective in managing people. Very extensive research was conducted to produce the People Management Challenges section.  Some companies report having used this information to build their own in-house people management training.

For managing conflict in the workplace, see the two helpful documents in the “GUIDES” section below.

If you’re committed to becoming a better people manager, and increasing levels of employee engagement you need to:

1. Review the People Management Challenges below.
2. Select the Challenges that you need to work on. (don’t try to do too much at once)
3. Pick the Actions and Implementation Ideas that best fit your personal style.
4. Set up your own Personal Action Plan on the form provided so that you can refer to it as you practice the new behaviors.
5. Start using the Monthly One to One Process. (see guide below)

If implementing a 1:1 process in your company, you may want to view this presentation:  Conversations   which explains more about 1:1′s and ‘conversations in the workplace’.

If you are new to managing people and need a quick reference guide to jump start your people management career, click below:

How To be a Successful Manager of People