HR Metrics

It is common practice for businesses of all sizes to measure their performance in key areas using various HR metrics and ratios. It’s important to measure the effectiveness of your Human Resources initiatives as well and this module contains the TwoGreySuits Employee Engagement Survey to help you measure employee responses in four key areas:

  • Communication within the organization
  • Co-workers
  • How managers are managing
  • How people feel about the work environment in general

We recommend you do the same Employee Engagement survey 12 months after the initial one and then in 18 months increments after that. To score the survey, the easiest approach is to track responses by % of employees in the “Agree” and “Strongly Agree” categories. This way you can see if the results of your initiatives are affecting employees to the extent they would change their thoughts/behaviors based on how they are being communicated with and managed by their supervisor – two key drivers of Employee Engagement.

Using this approach, you can also focus on individual questions and even individual departments, if you want to identify departments in the survey. The verbatim comments section at the end is where you will often find valuable employee insights and ideas for improvement.
Remember – if you are at all interested in improving profitability, increasing Employee Engagement is the place to start, and TwoGreySuits provides all the training, tools, processes, HR Hotline availability and information to increase Employee Engagement.

  • Attendance
  • Turnover
  • HR costs/revenue ratio