Association Licensing

Our Services

Our subscription service includes:

Additional Learners

  • 20% discount for additional learners
  • Administrative platform for managing Employee Engagement training



  • The Association will pay an annual license fee determined by the number of members resulting in a per member cost significantly below our retail per Company price.
  • All Association member Companies will have access to the TwoGreySuits website, on-line Employee Engagement training and 24/7 HR Hotline at no cost to the member
  • Any member companies wanting to add additional learners (beyond the 3 per member company) can do so by calling the HR Hotline and arranging for $39.50 per month, a 20% discount from retail

Marketing Support

You will have access to our on-line Marketing Resources Library, an extensive collection of marketing tools, White Papers and videos to help you market the TGS System to your members. We will work closely with you to create and implement a structured year one marketing program that will encourage your members to take advantage of the unique member benefit you have licensed for them.

Administrative Support

For a small set-up fee of $595, you’ll have your own administrative website including a signup page all customized with your Association logo.

Contact us to discuss our licensing program in greater detail.